A Joyous Journey

Sometimes we can learn about others just by watching the people around us.  For example, have you ever seen someone who looked happy?  Maybe it was their smile or the bounce in their step.  Whatever it was, you could really sense that they were happy.

Now let’s take it another step.  Have you ever watched other people’s reactions when they encountered that happy person?  Happiness is remarkably contageous.  Smiles are met with more smiles.  Body language changes.  Pleasant greetings are shared, and sometimes there is an exchange about the reason for the happiness.

We have a reason for our pilgrim journey.  It is the best reason to be happy that the world has ever known.  Jesus came.  He faced the cross and conquered death.  As we walk the path, is there any chance that other people can see our joy?  Does it show on our faces?  Does it shape our actions?  Does it determine the words we choose?  It should!

Ask Ye What Great Thing I Know was written by Johann C. Schwedler and translated by Benjamin H. Kennedy.  In his opening line, Schwedler invites the listener to ask about the reason for his joy.  Carry these words in your heart today.  Show them in your smile.  Live them in your life.

Ask ye what great thing I know,
that delights and stirs me so?
What the high reward I win?
Whose the name I glory in?
Jesus Christ, the crucified.

Continue your journey today so that your life says, “Ask me about my joy.”  When people ask, don’t hesitate to share the same good news of Jesus Christ that Schwedler proclaimed.

Follow the Path!

[Use with Peace in Promise, day 40 of A Labyrinth Pilgrimage]

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