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One Entrance, One Path, One Destination: The Foot of the Cross
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A Labyrinth Pilgrimage book coverA Labyrinth Pilgrimage,
A Pilgrim Journey to the Foot of the Cross
a devotional book by C. A. Radke, available for purchase from: Price: $6.95

Leader's Guide Edition also available with themes, questions, and hymn suggestions to follow the pilgrim path in small groups.

Kindle versions are now available, too:

To help you focus on your journey to the cross during your daily readings, consider purchasing a wooden finger labyrinth exclusively available through the HymnStore at our sister site,

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A simple guide
As an introduction to the history and use of prayer labyrinths, feel free to download and use this simple guide, Walking the Cross Labyrinth. Take your first pilgrim journey to the foot of the cross, and we hope you will return over and over.

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About the book...
For centuries labyrinths have been used as tools for personal pilgrimage, meditation and spiritual formation. In "A Labyrinth Pilgrimage," author C. A. Radke uses daily devotions to take the reader on a spiritual journey in a progression from creation to Easter. The journey follows the path into his unique, seven-circuit Cross Labyrinth design, which always leads the pilgrim to an encounter with God at the foot of the cross.

While it can be used at any time of the year, the book is especially suited to a Lenten devotional study, with the journey beginning on Ash Wednesday and ending on Easter Sunday. Each devotion corresponds with a segment of the labyrinth, connecting the daily studies with the pilgrim's journey. Weekly themes can also be used as the basis for shorter, separate studies in these units:

  • In the Beginning
  • Days of Creation
  • Poetry of Creation
  • It was good
  • Walking with God


  • The Attraction of Creation
  • The Forbidden Fruit
  • The Mysterious and Beguiling Creature
  • In Spite of All Warning
  • Together in Hiding, but All Alone
  • Cast Out, but Never Abandoned
  • Peace in Promise

The Human Condition

  • Honoring God in His Way
  • Honoring God in Our Way
  • Relationships Gone Awry
  • Action and Reaction
  • A Habit of Decay
  • In the Calm After the Storm
  • Peace in Promise

People of God’s Choosing

  • Choosing Abram
  • Choosing Rebekah
  • Choosing Israel
  • Choosing Moses
  • Choosing Joshua
  • Choosing David
  • Peace in Promise
Division and Demise
  • A Family Divided
  • A Nation Divided
  • Protection
  • Peril
  • Destruction
  • Prophecy
  • Peace in Promise

The Savior Comes

  • Something to Ponder
  • Good Tidings of Great Joy
  • Safe Journey
  • Safe Return
  • Growing in Grace
  • Celebration of Love
  • Peace in Promise

Overcoming Every Challenge

  • Challenge of Hunger
  • Challenge of Fame
  • Challenge of Power
  • Challenge of Priests
  • Challenge of Kings
  • Challenge of Death
  • Victory of Life

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